English Class Makassar

Make your own English conversation class in Makassar! Many English course places that prioritize the strategic studying location, such as at luxurious shopping centres, supported by sophisticated computer system. Those things could increase your comfort in learning English. However, the key of successful English communication improvement is the guidance from qualified teachers. English Today trains your English with “Reverse 80/20” method.

What is the principle of “Reverse 80/20”? This principle focuses on giving 80% of students’ talking time so the teacher’s talking time is only 20%.

Traditional teaching method (teacher’s talking time is 80% from the total learning time to explain grammar) does not help to build up the students’ confidence in using English. The teacher feels smart and the students listen and realize that the teacher knows all rules in English. The learners write the grammar formulas that their teacher explains or they can even take a picture of the slides that are explained and then they will never read their notes or checking out the slides pictures that the have taken. This method does not prepare the learners to speak and DON”T build up the learners’ confidence.

How if you want to make your own English conversation class?

  • Find friends that have the same interest in learning English as you do for at maximum 8 people. You have formed a small group!
  • Contact English Today to take speaking test
  • After taking the speaking test, decide the learning place and time as you want. English Today will send a trainer at the appointed time

Only in 3 steps, you can boost your confidence in English. Are you worried with the English conversation class fee? The more friends join in your group (maximum 8 people in one group), the lower fee that you spend. So, you don’t need to worry.

Contact English Today now, and make your own English conversation class in Malassar to speak English confidently.

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