Welcome to special program English Today, Business English for Career Makassar.

The perfect program for multinational companies, hotels and hospitals. We have given and run this program with many companies in Makassar. Every business English for Career program lasts for 8 weeks (twice a week) and includes all exercise materials, notes, etc.

Business English for career in companies Makassar is really interactive and focuses on specific areas that are relevant with the companies and service industries in intermediate level. We see the significant progress on language skills and confidence level in our students who have accomplished this program. The teachers for this program basically have much experiences in company industries.to get more information about Business English Programfor Career, please see the followings:

  • Effective meeting
  • Asking and clarifying
  • Giving a report in a meeting
  • Opening a meeting
  • Leading a meeting
  • Giving opinions
  • Using diplomatic language
  • Handling controversial topics


  • Telephoning techniques
  • Greeting other people
  • Taking message
  • Arranging a  meeting
  • Adjusting appointment
  • Handling complaints
  • Making good requests
  • Asking direct and indirect questions
  • Exchanging information
  • Negotiation skills
  • Opening a negotiation
  • Negotiation process
  • Cross culture
  • Clients’ demands
  • Suppliers’ demands
  • Bargaining process and closing
  • Tachtics and understanding
  • Perfect presentation
  • Presentation structures
  • Techniques
  • Innovation and motivation
  • Language focus
  • Giving information
  • Self introduction and topic introduction
  • Presentasi Sempurna
  • Connectors
  • Personal and impersonal styles
  • Describing trends, diagrams, and graphics
  • Asking and answering questions
  • Visual aids
  • Individual presentation practice

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This Business English for Career program is developed based on the improvement of Business English. Here are some iformation about Business English:

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