This program can be done in either private class or company language training. We give pre test before starting the class to measure your proficiency level. This helps us to organize the appropriate and challenging materials and teaching system for you. English Today Makssar will send one of our best teachers to your office. You don;t need to worry about the traffic jam on the road, we will come to your place. You only need to enjoy the English program and the various exercises that we have provided for you.

Business English Conversation

This program is really suitable for you who are too busy to come to the English training center. Aster a detailed consultation, we will prepare a program that is suitable and effective for you and also arrange an English consultant to help you during the learning process. Please read the posting from our managing director, Matthew Donohue entitled English Conversation Training in Jakarta.

Business English

This program will prepare you in all aspects to improve your communication skills in working place such as meeting, making an appointment, working results presentation or telephoning.

English for Service Industry

Are you working at the hotel? We have teachers that are ready to help you with daily languages that are used in service industry such as hotel business. We use a learning system through role plays, authentic examples, videos and audios to support your learning process. The specific English lessons can also be arranged for various departments in hotel. The teacher who teach this program have the real experiences in hotel business and have ever held a position as a Senior HRD and trainer position in five-star hotel and resort.

English for Customer Call Center and Professionals in Telecommunication Industry

The need for customer call center team to speak in English clearly and effectively is really important since they cannot communicate face-to-face with the customers. In this course program, we will train intonation, stress, style, accent and focus on specific language that becomes the target in helping the customer call center staffs in their daily tasks. This program also covers up-selling session, negotiaton skills and handling customers’ complaints.

English for Sales and Marketing Professionals

This program focuses on the English improvement and important roleplays for sales and marketing professionals to run the selling process in English. We discuss the stages that occasionally happen in selling process and focus on the languages and also technique to get the best result.

English for Executive Directors and CEOs

The executive chiefs often have the specific needs of English to communicate clearly and fluently in the highest level. We will help to improve the communication skills in all aspects, such as language in a meeting, language in presentation, negotiation, business writings and also improve the public speaking skills.

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