Using tailored Business English modiles, we offer an opportunity for you to train real communication in business context. Business English Makassar is taught in a pratical application such as role plays, group work and simulation. Tailored Business English can be part of English training course or as one-day intensive course training. English Today offers the most effective Business English program in Makassar. We make the learning process more fun and enthusiastic.

English Negotiation and Negotiation Skills

Business English course is specially compiled for professionals that have to negotiate in English. We have combined soft skills in negotiating ti support negotiation strategy, non-verbal communication and negotiation English so it can improve the students’ English strucutures and communication.

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English for Negotiation Skills

Business English for negotiation skills is a soft skills training for students with upper intermediate level. You will learn art of negotiation in business English and all negotiation basic principles in various situation contexts. This program is a suitable training paclage for management training. This program consists of a gradual guide, various role plays and case studies. The student will  be able to use the learnt lesson for a long time even after accomplishing this course.

  • Business Negotiation
  • Seliing Negotiation
  • Product Presentation
  • Office Negotiation

English for Sales and Marketing Skills

We also have a training program for selling skills which is a soft skill program to increase the results of your sales team. We focus on the selling psychology. The importance of building relationship and analyze the difference between traditional and modern selling techniques.

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Business English for Sales Makassar

Business English program Makassar develops selling skills. This training program is a soft skill program that teaches basic selling and increases your sales. This program focuses on selling psychology, emphasize on the importance of communicating and building a relationship and also analyze the difference between traditional and modern selling techniques. In the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Selling with structural outline
  • Building a long term relationship
  • Focusing on customers or clients’ needs
  • Communicating effectively to sell products, seervices or ideas
  • Reading and using body language effectively to improve communication skills

Business English for Buying and Selling

Business English for Buying and Selling focuses on the language structure that is needed to communicate effectively with international clients and colleagues.

The discussion topics in this training program are:

  • Job and responsibilities
  • Maximize all new prospects possibilities
  • Making an offer
  • Negotiation
  • Customer or clients service

English for Finance and Banking

This training program is designed for the super busy individual and only wants to practice his English skills for 20 minutes every day. This program is really suitable for Economy students and all bank employees such as Bank Manager Auditor, Consultant, Finance Director and traders. This program helps to improve the use of English and useful terminologies in banking and finance industries. The students will be given opportunities to discuss their needs in this field. English Today has compiled and run various training programs that are adjusted to the needs of many big banks in Jakarta.

This training program is the same with English Training Program for Telephoning. Practice your English 20 minutes everyday.

Business English

This training program is compiled for business students and the entrepreneurs.

We also offer individual private classes for students who want to prepare themselves for IELTS, TOEIC, and TOEFL. English Today has the best and most experienced teachers in Makassar. All English Today Jakarta and English Today Bintaro’s teachers use Cambridge CELTA dan TESOL teaching methods.

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English Today Teaching Method Makassar

In choosing English training program provider for companies, it is important to know the teaching methods used. Imai]gine that you are sitting in front of teachers who just follow teaxtbook from the first page, continue with the second page and third page and so on. This thing will just remind the employees a very boring English class that they had at school.

Here is the explanation of English today teaching methods:

Every lesson is divided into 8 parts:

  • Opening – every lesson is started in various ways so the class is always fun for the students. The aim of opening is to get the students’ attention.
  • Ice-Breaking – this stage introduces the next session in a fun and interesting way (the students are usually divided into groups and play an active role in an activity). The focus in this stage is to ask the students to move actively and do not aonly stay on their chairs.
  • Lead in – in this stage, teacher will check Knowledge, Skill and Attitude (KSA) toward the lesson target. Teacher then makes notes which students that have lower knowledge compared to the others and later will pair them with the students who have higher knowledge so the peer teaching can function.
  • Presentation – this stage focuses on structural teaching, meaning understanding, vocabulary, speech production and contextual application.
  • Controlled Practice – this stage will cover individual activity work, pair activity, group work activity and the whole class activity. These activities are called controlled practice because all activities done are focused and controlled by the language target being learnt, so it can ensure language acuracy of every student during exercises. Teacher will apply “Hote Correction” method in which when the students make language mistakes, instructor will give direct correction during the ongoing lesson.
  • Semi controlled practice – it is the same with controlled practice, this stage also covers all activities that are directly related with contextual in real life. In this stage, the students are given a little freedom to express themselves and teacher uses “Warm Correction” method. This method gives an opportunity for the students to be able to express themselves before receiving correction.
  • Free Practice – in this tsgae, the students will be given a practice with real life situation context with full of freedom – role plays, problem solving activity, interview, work project, survey and group activity. The aim of the Free Practice is to create real life practical exercises of the language target that is faced in the students’ daily life.
  • Feedback and Closing – all activities are evaluated to measure how effective and fun the accomplished learning process is, to check the students’ understanding toward every lesson and find out why the particular part of the lesson is hard to be understood by the students.

Now you have the clear understanding of English Today teaching methods Makassar. Please contact us, send emailof you have any questions.

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