Have you made a presentation in English before, ET Mate? Or have you become a speaker in an English-speaking event? Let’s think about it, what if your boss asked you to make a business presentation in English? Furthermore, you have to speak in front of the entire company. 

Where should we start? Or what proper line can we use  to open the event? There’s a lot of effort to prepare it. In this article, we will break it down one by one. You can have the  perfect engagement with your audience by making a great impression, ET Mates. 


Before we get there, it is important to know your target audience such as how old they are. Here, you can set your style and tone when you are talking to them. You also want to know what kind of event it is, is it formal or casual? There, you can set the way you address your audiences. Once set, you can start to outline what you are going to discuss. You can use these phrases to keep your ideas organized and detailed:

Introduce yourself

To open an event, you need to introduce yourself first. In a formal event, you can use this speech:

“Good morning everyone, let me introduce myself quickly. My name is Brian and I work in the HR department as a Human Resource Director.”

As an alternative, you can also use this dialogue:

“Hello, everyone. For those who didn’t have the chance to meet me before, my name is Brian. And I work in the HR department.”

You can also use this dialogue for a casual event, ET Mates: 

“Hi guys, good morning! My name is Brian and I’m from the HR department.”

Introduce your topic 

After introducing yourself, you need to explain what you are going to talk about today. If your topic is simple, you can use this speech to introduce your topic to your audience:

“Today, I’d like to talk about maintaining excellent networking and how it affects your job satisfaction.” 


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If you have a more complex theme or topic to explain, you can pull your ideas into pieces. You can check out the following dialogue for an example, ET Mates:

“Today, I’d like to talk about maintaining excellent networking and how it affects your job satisfaction. I’ll start with why networking is important. Then, I’m going to give tips and tricks on how to maintain a great relationship with your clients or colleagues. In the end, I will open a Q&A session and you’re free to ask anything about networking.” 

You can pay attention to these keywords such as, “I’ll start with…” to begin, “then..” to jump to the next point, then “in the end…” to give the audience the big picture about your topic. If you have a conclusion to deliver at the end of your session, you can also use “to sum up..” or in conclusion…”

By using this technique, you can have your ideas organized and speak comfortably. Next time if your manager or your boss asked you to have a business presentation in English, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and re-read this article. Good luck, ET Mates!