While working as a professional actor in Los Angeles for over ten years, Dennis has ardently spent much time and attention on expanding his vocabulary, as he believes that language is an important tool for an actor. His general interest in languages has also made him curious to learn the specifics in pronunciation and the particular movements of the mouth from culture to culture, to help a person determine how they can best achieve a native sound in a foreign language. With a colleague he developed a video channel on the internet that focuses on educating in English vocabulary and grammar with an entertaining and humorous take.

Education Overview

  • TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

Key Skills

  • Qualified teacher of English pronounciation skills
  • Qualified teacher of Business English
  • Languages – English, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Script writing in English

Insights – with Dennis

What level of English do you teach?

Business English, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced with a focus on role play.

What is your favourite type of lesson to teach?

Any lessons that involve role-play!

What do you like about teaching English, and teaching at English Today?

The intricacies of spoken language very much intrigue me. English Today offers me the chance to meet very interesting learners that I can help with their English language goals.

How do you make lessons fun and engaging for your students?

I like to sympathize with my students by making jokes of myself and my jelek level of bahasa Indonesia. And then incorporate lots of action and role play to make the lesson enjoyable.

What’s your best memory so far from working at English Today?

Without offering too much information I will just say that my students and I have all made some rather entertaining mistakes in our respective new language!

What kind of teaching technique do you think is the most effective way to promote students’ skill in speaking?

It is always very beneficial to watch English language TV programs when at home. This offers entertainment as well as continuous practice.

What do you like to do in your free time?

A: Hiking and other forms of exercise and also cooking, although it has been hard to do these things with the same ease as I did back home. So I am trying to find some new hobbies.