English Training Makassar. English Today comes to Makassar! This thing surely is good news for you because English Today expands the coverage to the most developing city. This means that English Today becomes more trusted to be your learning partner.

This thing also gives happiness to Mr. Danish. He likes the city that is famous for its tourism destination. There many beautiful tourism objects in Makassar, such as Losari Beach, Taka Bonerate Marine Park, Bira Cape and many more. Furthermore, Mr. Danish really likes Makassar specialty: Pallu Basa, meat-based soup, which is located in Jl. Onta Lama No. 109 Makassar.

Not only about tourism destinations and Makassar specialty, but Mr. Danish also shows his love toward Indonesian national heroes from Makassar. Therefore, this time Mr. Danish gives Listening Test about Sultan Hasanuddin.

Let’s watch the following video and answer the questions!

[mlw_quizmaster quiz=1]

What is the result of your listening skill?

Foreign language skills need to be trained, especially listening skills. Listening skills can be gotten from the guidance of qualified trainer, practices and persistence.

English Today has MindPlus Training program Makassar, which is MindPlus Training Interpersonal Development: Listening Skills. This program is effectively designed that covers listeners’ personalities, bad habit in listening, asking ability to get supportive conversation and many more.

We can compile materials that suit your needs and your company needs. This training material covers workbookslidecourse notes and practices based on your needs.

We gained trusts from prominent companies in Indonesia in both national and nternational scales, such as Pertamina, XL, Harris Hotel, OLX, and many more.

Improve your English skills with English Today. +62411 366 2245 marketing@english-today-makassar.com

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