Are you looking for English training for employees Makassar?

There are many reactions come up when you are asked to join an English training, such as: lazy, afraid to get bored, or afraid if the English training that you join does not contribute to both your career and business improvement. However, if you join English training for employees Makassar with English Today, you will not experience those things.

Throw away you laziness! Language needs to be learnt continuously. If you are lazy to learn English, you cannot compete with other competitors.

Don’t worry if you will feel bored in joining English training for employees Makassar with English Today. Our learning does not stick with the textbook. English Today’s trainers give fun and interesting learning activities such as simulation, role plays, group discussion, study case, etc.

Don’t worry if English training with English Today does not contribute to your business improvement. We design the material based on your business need! Certainly the lessons you get can be applied in your working environment.

Some companies that have joined our Business English Trainings are Harris Hotel, Telkomsel, OLX,, Hankook, Daikin, BNI, Permata Bank, and many more.

You can consult with us to decide the best program that is suitable for your business needs. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you!

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