When you are asked to speak by foreigners using English, you smile or nod. You give ambiguous responses. Your interlocutor probably thinks that you understand what he says whereas you do not understand what he says. Therefore, English Today presents English course for employees for you who want to improve conversation skills.

You certainly want to understand what your interlocutor says. You want to respond by speaking in English. English Today helps to make your dream comes true through Business English Conversation program.

Speaking fluently in English is the best obtained through situation that enables participants to use English conversation, not through dialogues on the textbook. When participants are asked to express their opinions on controversial subject, they tend to focus on the discussion content and ignore the fact that they are learning a language.

English Today does not give the theories that you will never use in working environment. Conversely, we give you real evidence through interactive activities such as games, role plays, simulations, case study, etc. We also give individual practice, pair work or group work.

So, what is the effective way to improve your English conversation skills?

The most effective and efficient way to improve English conversation skills is by taking 30-hour lesson. This lesson can be delivered by either native teachers or local teachers. The local teachers are originally from Indonesia who use English with qualifications as equivalent to the native teachers. A small group is also effective in learning and topics in English can be debated among the participants. Getting known with each other in the group is a benefit. You can speak comfortably.

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