English course for employees in Makassar is widely sought by many companies. They realize that English is important for their business improvement. Therefore, they decide to study business English with various business focuses, such as meeting, negotiation and presentation.

Joining English course or training after working hours is very tiring. You imagine sitting in the class, listening to teacher’s explanation for about 2 hours, doing exercises just like you are going back to school. However, you have to discard that idea away when you join English course and training for employees in Makassar with English Today.

At English Today, you will be asked to learn in a fun way, not through opening books, reading page after page and memorize theories.

Then, what differentiate English Today from other English course and training providers in Makassar? Why do you need to choose English Today as your learning partner?

  • Learning material is designed based on your company’s need
  • You do not stick with textbook
  • There are fun and interactive activities such as simulation, games, role plays, case study
  • We come to your office or the place that you set up
  • Many famous companies in Indonesia have trusted English today as their trusted learning partners, such as Zurich, Nestle, BukaLapak.com, Garuda, Air Asia, Keppel Land, Carl’s Jr and many more.

We have trained many companies from different industries with different Business English focuses as well..

If you are looking for English Course for Employees in Makassar, please contact us. You can also consult with us about your business needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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