Are you looking for English course for employees Makassar?

Nowadays, English course for employees is being widely sought by companies and employees. This means Business English need is increasing. They realize how important to master Business English for their career and business improvement. Looking at your English needs, English Today presents English course for employees Makassar.

English Today has various Business English programs. If you need conversation skills in English, we have Business English Conversation program. If you need negotiation skills, we have English for Negotiation & Negotiation Skills program. If you need skills on finance and banking, we have English for Banking & Finance program, and many more of our programs.

We have native trainers and local trainers who have English qualifications as the native trainers do. Our trainers come from America, Australia, and England. Our trainers have CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching for Adults) certification, which is a qualified English teaching to give basic knowledge, teaching experiences and confidence in the classroom to fulfil the requirements to be English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers.

Some companies that have trusted English Today as their trusted learning partner are, Harris Hotel, Telkomsel, Senayan City, Summarecon, Traveloka, Pertamina, Djarum, and many more..

If you want to join English course for employees program but you are still doubtful to decide which program is the best for you. Please consult with us and we will suggest the best program for you.

If you have any question about English Course for Employees Makassar, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you.

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