Are you looking for English course for companies? Nowadays, many companies are looking for English course and training provider. Companies require their employees to be able to use English is a must in business. In this globalization era, you do not only compete with local people but also foreign people. You have to master English so you can expand your business relations. This is your biggest challenge.

Imagine if you are assigned to call foreign parties. You probably feel nervous because you have to speak with foreigners; moreover, you have to speak English. You are afraid if the recipient does not understand what you say. You are afraid of mispronunciation.

English Today realizes the importance of speaking in English. We have English for Call Centre & Telecommunication Professionals program.

Call centre team needs of speaking English clearly and effectively is really important because they do not have the chance to communicate face-to-face with the recipients. During the learning session, you will practice intonation, stress, speaking style and accent. This program also covers selling skills, negotiation and facing difficult clients.

What are the skills that you get through English for Call Centre & Telecommunication Professionals program?

  • Greetings
  • Catching the message
  • Arranging a meeting
  • Adjusting appointment
  • Handling complaints
  • Requesting politely
  • Asking direct and indirect questions
  • Exchanging information

If you are looking for English course for companies, please contact us. We also provide Business English for presentation, banking, tourism and hospitality, sales and marketing and many more.

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